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SHINee - Obsession

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"SHINee - Obsession Lyrics"


Deo ddeollineun du son god ddeoleojil chojeom
Gojangnan nae dari yeogi wae seo.itneunji
Gieokjocha anna, museowo jineun geol
Banggeumkkaji ootgo.itdeon neon eodit.neunji

(Why) Jangnan.gateun sori nal ddeona beoryeotni neon jeo meolli
(Why) Heui.mihaejilkka jokswae.gateun hyoongteo

*Yok.hae nochyeo.beorin nal yok.hae
Muneojin nae shimjangeun nal beorijima
Nal honja dujima, waechigo itjiman
Neol wonhae michin deut nal neol wonhae
Nal ddeonan ni ipsooleun saranghajima
Nal saranghajima, neol beorin geojana

Danji kkeut.eopneun sarang jugo shipeotdeon geotppoon
Deo neomchin sarangi geudael joleul juliya
Sangcheonan gaseumae jjigyeojin nanaldeul
Gil ileun sarang, noonmu teok.kkaji cha.olla

(Why) Ajikdo nae anae seulpeun annyeongman gunnaeneun geonji
(Why) Oneulkkajiman nal michyeonaejima


Neo jebal noonchi chae jugil
Nan ddo dareum geol
Ni eojaetbamae akmong.kkaji gamssa ana
Soneul nochima


Gyeoae chagaweojin ni gyeotae
Jjigyeojin nae gaseumeun nal ddeonajima
Deo meoleojijima, ni soneul japjiman
Gieok.hae, kkeutnae, neol itji mot.hae
Beoryeojin nae apeumdo nan itji ana
Ijeul su eopjana niga jun geojana

Saranghandaneun iyujocha jwaega dwaetji
Gipeun sangchyeodeuleun ta deuleoga jaega dwaetji
Hajiman ilneun geotboda itneun geosi deo apaol ppoon
Geu soonganeuro bring it back

Nal beorijima

**English Translation**

My hands tremble more
I’ll lose my focus shortly
Why my broken legs standing here
I can’t even remember, I become scared
Where are you, who has laughing until just now

(Why) Have fun noises left me? You’re far away
(Why) Is it getting dim? These scars are like shackles

*Curse me, curse me for letting go
Don’t leave me, my collapsed heart
Don’t leave me alone, I’m screaming
Want you, I want you like crazy
Your lips that left me shouldn’t love
Don’t love me, I threw you away

All I wanted was simply to give you an endless love
I had no idea that more excessive love would strangle you
Those days when I was torn from my wounded heart
A love that lost its way, I fill up with tears

(Why) Is it that I still only bring out sad hellos
(Why) Just until today, don’t push me away


I hope that you’ll catch on
That I’m a different you
I even embrace your
Nightmare from last night
Don’t let go of my hand


Your side, your side that has become cold
Don’t leave me, my torn heart
Don’t become even further away
Although I’m holding your hand
Remember, end it, I can’t forget you
I won’t forget my pain of being thrown away
I can’t forget it, you gave it to me

Even the reason I love became a sin
The deep wounds slowly
Burnt up and turned to ash
But to forget will be more painful than to lose it
As I kill my breath, I’m going to die
From the agony of goodbye
Bring it back to that moment

Don’t throw me away

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