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"B2ST / Beast - MASTERMIND Lyrics"

**Hangul + Romanization**

Okay, 2010 마지막흐름을쥐고흔들어
Okay, 2010 majimak heureumeul jwigo heundeureo
지휘봉대신 mic를들어 check it up now
Jihwibong daesin micreul deureo check it up now

Geobuhal su eobseul jeongdoro gangnyeokhan mueongareul gajigo dorawa dasi igoseul tteugeopge
더뜨겁게달궈다나에게맡겨 I’m the mastermind, untouchable joker
Deo tteugeopge dalgwo da naege matgyeo I’m the mastermind, untouchable joker

Sigani tto galsurok deo ppajyeodeureo
다지금이순간에도 Do you feel me now
Da jigeum i sunganedo Do you feel me now

Neoege tto galsurok deo seumyeodeureo
바로이시간에도그냥나를믿어봐 oh yeah
Baro i siganedo geunyang nareul mideobwa oh yeah

따라와 We’re the mastermind (mastermind)
Ttarawa We’re the mastermind (mastermind)
느껴봐 We’re the mastermind (so ‘beast)
Neukkyeobwa We’re the mastermind (so ‘beast)
Bigyo ttawin haji ma uril neukkyeobwa modu
Movin movin say! movin movin hey!

Mastermind (mastermind)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (so ‘beast)지금부터따라와너를맡겨봐모두
Jigeumbuteo ttarawa neoreul matgyeobwa modu
Do it do it say! do it do it hey!

Geu eotteon maldo pillyoga eobseo i sungan i sigan
Geunyang deo keuge sorichyeobwa
Eotteon geotdo mageul su eobseo jeomjeom deo naege deo
조금더빠져봐 baby
Jogeum deo ppajyeobwa baby

Master mastermind master mastermind
[Yo! you ready for this? keep moving keep grooving hhh welcome to ma world]
So so so ‘beast
Master mastermind master mastermind
So so so ‘beast

**English Translation**

Okay, 2010. Grab the last flow and shake it.
Hold the mic instead of the baton. Check it up now.

Come back and heat up this place with a strong something you can’t reject.
Make it hotter, leave it to me. I’m the mastermind, untouchable joker.

Become more addicted as the time goes by again.
Everyone even at this moment, do you feel me now?

Become more absorbed as I approach you again.
Even right at this moment, just trust me, oh yeah.

Follow us, we’re the mastermind (mastermind)
Feel it, we’re the mastermind (so beast)
Don’t bother comparing, come and feel us all.
Movin movin say! Movin movin hey!

Mastermind (mastermind)
Oh yeah just feel my heart (so beast)
Follow us from now, entrust your all to us.
Do it, do it, say! Do it, do it, hey!

At this moment, at this time, no other words are needed.
Just shout louder
You can’t stop anything. More and more
Become more addicted to me, baby.
Master, mastermind, master, mastermind.

Yo! You ready for this? Keep moving keep grooving hhh welcome to ma world
So, so, so beast.
Master, mastermind, master, mastermind.
So, so, so beast.

Credit : mybeastyboys@wp, WingedChunsa @ soompi

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